Bodog is one of the oldest names when it comes to online betting. However, it wasn’t until the year 2004 that Bodog poker came into existence. It is a trusted betting site that poker players from all over the world are attracted to. This Bodog article is for people who are new to Bodog players. It is going to offer an insight into the important aspects of the Bodog gaming site. 

Safety and Reliability

Bodog is a licensed site that has been in operation for two decades. Bodog poker players praise this site highly as it is a legit site. Players withdraw money from this site very frequently. Overall, Bodog poker is a legit site that you can trust. 

Bodog poker in several Countries

Countries where Bodog poker is available

If you are trying to access Bodog from the USA, you aren’t likely to go pass. In the USA, only four states allow Bodog poker. These states are Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. However, in most other countries like Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, etc. While most other gaming platforms target the North American market, Bodog is different in this aspect. It is more into capturing the European and the South American market. 

Positive Points about Bodog poker

The pros of Bodog as an online poker platform are as follows: 

  • Lose Poker Games: If you are a Newbie, then Bodog poker is the best for you. This site offers the loosest of poker games that attract players who are searching for betting on poker for recreational purposes. Bodog allows anonymous tables and automatic seating to make its players comfortable. 
  • Quick Cash out: After you win a hand at poker, you can easily opt to cash out. This site takes about 24 to 48 hours for this purpose. It is quicker than many other sites that offer online poker. 
  • Zone Poker: If you don’t like waiting for new hands to be dealt with, then you should definitely try out Bodog’s zone poker. It allows you to play about 280 to 300 hands an hour! In zone poker at Bodog, players are shifted to a different table after folding. 
  • Mobile Poker: You can play Bodog poker from mobile as well. Just install the app to access the platform. You will have the same facilities that you get on this site when you access via your laptop or desktop.
Cons and pros of Bodog Poker

Negative Points About Bodog poker

  • Stakes are Relatively Lower: If you are looking for very high stakes at poker games, then try finding a different platform. Bodog will offer low to medium stakes; higher stakes aren’t its specialty. 
  • Table Layout is a Tad Confusing: While we agree that anonymous tables are great for creating a looser game, but it can be confusing at times. In fact, many players actually prefer a social table instead of an anonymous one and have a tougher time adjusting to it. 
  • Lacks Waitlist: Bodog betting platform doesn’t have a waitlist. The tables fill easily, and it becomes pretty hard to reserve a spot during peak hours. In such a scenario, a waitlist would have really helped.